0.9.0: Kick Out Your Annoying Aunt and Sofas

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A new update for Tiny Life has been released, and this time, there is finally some new furniture! Also, some quality of life improvements for household editing and, of course, spoiled food. Yum. Here are some images for your perusal.

First off, something pretty minor: You can now change the colors of the books in bookshelves!

Food can now go off. If you hover over any plates or platters (more on those in a little bit), you can see how long until their inevitable doom. Later, of course, you’ll be able to store this food in the fridge for longer safekeeping. Mmmm, tasty.

There is now a lovely panel that allows you to split up your household members, as well as the money and household storage. The household members that you split off of your household will be exported as their own household, which allows you to import them to another lot… or just forget about them entirely.

You can now serve food instead of just making a single plate for yourself! You can select the option (on the fridge) to make food for your entire household, and then a platter will be created with multiple servings on it. You can even call your household to eat… or just eat all of the servings yourself.

There’s also some new furniture, namely a sofa and a coffee table (which can also be used as a TV stand). Yay!

As always, there are also some more rather minor changes and improvements. You can check out the full changelog in the title screen of the game, but there’s also a copy of it right here: