0.3.1: Jobs! Hyperspeed!

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I just released a new update for Tiny Life, which, among a ton of performance improvements and fixes, also adds HYPERSPEED and jobs!

To get a job, all you have to do is click on the computer:

The job selection screen shows the work hours, the pay per hour, as well as the weekly schedule.

Once everyone is at work (or sleeping!), you can engage the extremely fast speed setting, which will cause everything to happen at fifteen times the regular speed!

Once someone is done with work, they’ll automatically return home and their hard work is rewarded.

There’s still a ton of stuff planned for the job system, like experience points, required skills and promotions/raises. For now, this is it though.

In terms of the API (and modding), this update sadly introduces a breaking change. However, the template repository is already updated for the newest version, which means you can head over there to see how to fix your mod.

Here’s the full changelog: