Tiny Life

A fun simulation game where you mess with people's lives

About Tiny Life

Tiny Life is a fun simulation game that aims to capture the essence of games like The Sims, but in an isometric pixelart style.

In the game, you control a set of people that live together in a household. You take care of their daily needs, build their skills, forge new relationships... or just mess up their entire life in whatever way you can think of!

Create your own characters with unique personalities and skills and dress them however you like

Build houses and community spaces like parks and cafés and watch households inhabit them

Control your household and tell your characters what to do, from cooking food to learning complex skills like programming and painting

Have your characters interact, build relationships, grow families and live unique lives

Share your creations with the community by exporting lots and households from your game

Create additional content through the game's built-in C# modding API, like Itty by ssblur


Along with every major update, we publish a devlog that features additional information as well as some screenshots. You can read them on itch or on Steam. You can also read the full changelog.

0.20.0: The Children Update, it's finally here!

0.19.0: Ui, Sound and Improvements Abound

0.19.0: Ui, Sound and Improvements Abound

0.18.0: Animations, Food and Sources

0.17.0: Life Goals, Reward Personalities and Daily Tasks

0.16.0: Woodlands and Visitors

0.15.0: Barbecue Trash Cleaning

0.14.0: Lamps, Lot Movement, Speech Sounds!

0.13.0: Camera Rotation and a Larger Map!

0.12.0: The Fitness Set

0.11.0: More Actions, More Skills, More Personalities, More Pride!