0.10.0: New colors, clothes and many fixes!

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Version 0.10.0 of Tiny Life has been released and with it come a multitude of new clothes and hairstyles so you can finally give your people the looks they deserve! …Or at least a look closer to the look they deserve.

Here are some images to show the new stuff. Joe is, as always, my test subject for the new stuff:

You look absolutely stunning, Joe.

Additionally, a very major, long-standing issue has finally been fixed: Depth calculations now work correctly for the single bed, as well as for some other stuff that it didn’t work well with before. What this means for you as players is that you’ll be able to move stuff around and place it in weird locations and orientations without people being rendered partly behind it even though they should actually be on top of it. Or the other way around. Or just.. in an entirely different location altogether. It was a mess.

As always, here’s the full changelog for your perusal: