0.10.1: In-depth writing skill and more AI depth!

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Tiny Life version 0.10.1 has been released today, and with it, the first rather in-depth skill and gameplay component, as well as some lovely fixes and a pretty major AI improvement.

Let’s start with writing, which is an exciting new skill that was added to the game. You can practice writing on any computer, and with enough skill level, you can start writing and even publishing books, which can result in some hefty daily royalties for quite a while. Check out these screenshots to see it all in action!

If you write for too long, or you’re not having enough fun doing so, you might start suffering from writer’s block. But don’t worry, you can read a few books by other authors to get your inspiration flowing again in no time!

Along with the writing skill, a new option has been added to the gameplay options section which will greatly increase the depth of the AI, both people in other, non-played households and everyone in your active household. You can now enable a setting to cause people with existing skills, or people with a personality that makes them interested in certain skills, to build these skills on their own.

While they’ll practice writing, programming and paint and sell paintings, they won’t do anything more in-depth like writing and publishing their own books, or making mods, so you’ll still get to do the fun parts yourself.

As always, here’s the full changelog for your enjoyment: