0.6.0: Romance, Sounds and a Lot More!

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A new update for Tiny Life just launched, and this is a pretty big one! To sum up the changes in one beautiful sentence: We now have romance, dating, beautiful plants and trees around the map, the ability to level up in your job and earn more, and a lot of sounds for various occasions!

But first: Between the last update and this one, I also created a trailer for the game! It doesn’t showcase all of the features that are present in this update, but it does showcase a very cool building montage.


Anyway, here are some images to show some of the changes in 0.6.0!

Beautiful plants!

A new house on the map! This is actually the one that was used in the trailer.

Tippity-typing away with the new working animation!

Romantic interactions! Carmen and Benny are finally dating as well. A match made in heaven.

The work performance meter, which you can increase by going to work in a good mood.

In case you’re curious about the details, here’s the full changelog as well: